If we have yet to meet, then it is nice to meet you! If we have met before, then I am about to give you a little refresher on who I am.  Although, that is ever evolving, so for now, it will paint a bit of a picture for where I am at in life right now. So grab a latte, or a bulletproof matcha if that’s your jam, and let’s get to know each other!


My name is Tia (you know that by now), but you can call me T!  If I had to describe myself in 5 words I would choose joyful, warrior, strong, positive, and loving.  If you have ever had the pleasure to interview with me, you know that I love asking this question because it is a quick indicator of someone’s values, beliefs and confidence.  These 5 words relate to different aspects of my life and how I have grown through the years.



Joyful: I have always been, and will forever be, a joyful person.  I am often pet named “bluebird”, “petunia”, “angel”, because I am inherently bubbly and seek joy in my life. I will stop and dance in the middle of the grocery store, have the best seat-dance party at a red light in my car, and laugh as often as I can.  In a SoulCycle class, I love to groove, and own my style of riding with every tab-back-swerve that I can.  The bike is my instrument of choice and I ride it hard.


Warrior(n): a person who consistently displays a great deal of vigor and courage.

I am a warrior.  Some of you might think that is an odd descriptor, or super bold, and yes- it is both….but I own it so well that I have it permanently engraved on my body. I have been blessed with a number of tough cards in my deck of life from God.  I have a number of autoimmune diseases and each one has left me with a few more scars and bruises, but also with more perseverance and persistence in my tank.  Having autoimmune disease is like waging war on yourself: my immune system is in overdrive. The only thing tough enough to kick my own ass is me.  The kicker is that from the outside, I look completely healthy.  99% of the time, anytime I share my story with someone, the first words out of their mouths is, ” I had no idea- you look so healthy!”

It takes discipline to achieve vibrancy in my life and I am so grateful for the road God has led me on.  All the scenic detours have added up to the most colorful, interesting and awesome story to tell.


Strong: I am someone who adores being fit and strong.  I have played sports my whole life and grew up with two unstoppable older brothers so I literally hit the ground running as a child.  Fitness for me goes beyond looking a certain way in a bikini or how many push-ups I can do.  For me, fitness is one of the key pieces that allows me to maintain health. I HAVE to train for my health. I MUST lift HEAVY weights to maintain bone density because I have osteoporosis. I choose to ride my heart out at SoulCycle or go for a beautiful long run, because some days, that is the only thing that gives me energy and adrenaline.

Positive: I firmly believe that life is better with a positive attitude.  Like everyone, there are days I don’t feel like being chipper; but you know what, no warrior ever won a battle by navel gazing.  Being positive is a con

scious choice that acts as catalyst for achieving greatness in your life.  Positivity is a seed that needs to be consistently watered to produce the most beautiful fruit in your life.


Loving: I love LOVE. We were made for companionship.  We were not made as a singular gender but as man and woman and we have beautiful, unique differences that are intended to enhance each other’s lives.  Friends, family, relationships…they all add colour and vibrancy (hmm maybe that should also be one of my words?) into our lives. Embrace LOVE and cultivate it in your life.





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