Smoothie Bowl Love

I love eating things in a bowl.  Soup, stew, salads, rice bowls, oatmeal…I could go on for a long time.  I also love breakfast.  Tia without breakfast would be like putting water in the gas tank of your car: no bueno.

I only drink smoothies in the summer, after a workout and before a meal.  I find drinking my meals not very satisfying.  It does make for a great snack though!

I have been seeing many, many beautiful bowls of sunshine-y goodness pop up on our friend, Instagram, for a while.  Now smoothie bowls interest me because your eat them with a spoon and they usually have an array of textures floating on top.  Also, it is another food in a BOWL! WIN!

The base of my smoothie bowls are consistently the same.  The toppings are where I change it up.


For the smoothie base, I start with a large handful of baby kale, a few ice cubes, plus 1/2 frozen banana.  Avocado goes in next, along with a scoop of my protein powder.  Then I add either water or coconut milk (depends on what I need that day), a few supplements or powders, and blend it all up in my Ninja Blender

You will notice that I limit my fruit in the smoothie.  I generally add sliced fruit on top and I have to watch my fructose intake as it is a major gut irritant for me.  While I was on the AIP plan, I monitored my sugar levels and noticed a few of my skin and tummy issues subsided.  Although fruit is LOADED with nutrients and all the good-stuff God made, it still has sugar, so I just don’t blend 5 servings in one *bowl*.  I also make sure to add a fat source (thank you wonderful Avocado) because fat is my body’s fuel of choice. I burn it very well and it has helped me regain my health.  For protein, I use collagen powder every morning in my coffee and for my smoothies I use the Vega Sport protein or Tropeaka Lean Vanilla or Chocolate.

My toppings always include toasted coconut flakes, sliced seasonal fruit, and freshly grated turmeric and ginger! Both those superfoods are anti-inflammatory and aid in digestion.  If I am doing a lot of training that day, I will add on a sprinkle of homemade gluten-free granola and some nut butter.

There you have it! My smoothie bowl formula!

Now go blend yourself some deliciousness and fill your body with nutrients!  You can literally hear your cells singing a song of joy when you eat this.

Bless you, little cells. Bless you


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