To Side Hustle, or Not to Side Hustle

Side-Hustle: A secondary job or passion project that one takes on to either generate more income or to fulfill a dream they have.


I could argue that I have 2 Side-Hustles: this blog + accompanying YouTube Channel and SoulCycle.  Why in heavens would I take on more in my life when I already have a full time job that I am passionate about? Because I am an over-achiever, and because there is more in life for me than a one-track career.  My health + fitness journey is a full time job in and of itself.  It requires so much dedication and planning. I love where life has taken me, despite the valleys and hills that I have gone through.  I have learned so many tips and tricks along the way: nutrition facts, time-management skills, fitness motivational tips, styling skills, and I wanted to build a platform where I could share them.

You will find recipes, holistic wellness tips, fashion and styling advice, and fitness hacks on my blog and YouTube channel.  I hope that you enjoy these amusing excerpts and stories from my life, and please remember that I am not a doctor or dietician.  All my reviews and thoughts are my opinion, and are based on what has worked for me under the guidance of medical and industry professionals.  Please, always consult with your medical practitioner before following someone else’s diet or fitness plan as we all have unique and beautiful bodies.





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