My fridge: The keeper of my goods

A well organized fridge is a thing of beauty.  I mean, what else is a perfect indicator of preparation and success for your coming week? I like to tackle my groceries every Saturday morning, when the stores are not too busy.  With my grocery list in hand (you made a list, right?) and while everyone else is sleeping, I get in and get out, in no time flat.  Now, because I follow a paleo(ish) diet- I really don’t like labels but for ease in communication, it works– most of my groceries are on the perimeter of the store.  Veggies + fruit, dairy (for almond milk and coconut milk yogurt) eggs, meats and seafood can all be found along the outer edges of the store.  This makes it a super simple shop.


I like to tidy and re-organize my fridge every week. This ensures that no food has fallen to the back and is lurking…forming questionable fuzzy substances on the surface.  Once home from the grocery store, I lay out all my things on the counter so I can put it away, as organized as possible.

“good habits are as addictive as bad habits but much more rewarding”- The Live Fit Girls

Top Shelf

The top shelf is for my eggs, coffee things, jams/jellies/small containers.  My mum makes homemade jam and other preserved goodies every summer so that is the jam I use.  If my jam stash is finally through- please mum, send more!- I typically make my own with frozen berries, chia seeds and maple syrup. Along with the jams, I keep my coconut cream and MCT oil for my coffee.  I blend both of these into my coffee for healthy fats first thing in the morning.  Next to the coffee superstars is my miso paste!  I look for a light colored miso that has a base of rice or soybeans to keep it gluten free.  Miso is a great addition to marinades and rice dishes as it adds a background salty-funky taste and is packed with tummy friendly bacteria.  The eggs I buy are always organic and free-range, with yolks that are beautifully orange.  I typically buy 1/2 dozen at a time and a container of liquid egg whites so I don’t waste the precious yolks when making my protein pancakes.



Middle Shelf

My middle shelf is for my yogurts, taller containers and meat/seafood (placed on a plate in case of leaks).  I love yogurt and have switched to a non-dairy variety to clear up my skin.  I often reach for the Yoso almond/cashew yogurts or the Silk coconut yogurt.  Both are UNSWEETENED.  I like the ones with no added sugar so I can control how much sugar and what kind of sugar I eat.  I usually will have a few meal-prep containers made and ready to go on this shelf too.  Overnight oats are a staple, along with bone broth, pickled veg and fruit.  Also, I usually have a container of cooked brown or black rice so I have a few building blocks ready that I can assemble for a quick dinner.  This is especially clutch (does anyone still use that term? I think I will bring it back…the clutch comeback…stay tuned) on Tuesday nights.  Why Tuesday you ask? Well that is the night when I get home from SoulCycle around 8pm and I.  Am.  Ravenous.  I finish class and then think, “where is all the food at people!?”  Being able to come home, shower and whip up a dinner in under 20 minutes is key…or clutch, whichever you prefer 🙂 .  It is also super important to have enough protein and carbs for dinner to repair my muscles so I am ready to go with my sparkle back for the Wednesday 6am classes.  On the topic of protein, I also will keep my fish and chicken (or ground meat) on a plate in in the fridge just in case of leaks.  No one wants fish juice pooling on a glass shelf.  Gross.  Tempeh is another source of protein I have started to add in again and really enjoy.  It is a plant based protein that is nutty in taste and has a dense texture but doesn’t sit too heavy in my stomach.  Perfect when you are eating dinner at 8:30/8:45pm.  Note, I never skip dinner after a late class, because I want to make sure my bod has enough calories and nutrition for a good night sleep.

Bottom Shelf + Drawers

The bottom shelf is for my containers of soft herbs/veggies and salad fixings.  Here is a fun tip for you: next time you finish a clamshell of greens, wash and keep the container, as it makes for a great vessel to keep soft herbs and sliced veggies. I have one container that I keep all the elements I throw in my salads: green onions, cilantro or parsley, cucumber, radish, half-used avocado…the list rotates each week but you get the idea!  This makes it not only super handy when assembling my salads, but keeps all the little bits and bobs from spoiling.

The drawers are full of sweet potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, apples and other basics I always reach for on a weekly basis. I always have a variety of sweet potatoes on hand: purple, white, orange, garnet…If I could eat one food every day it would be sweet potatoes.  Roasted, mashed, grilled, steamed, baked as fries- they are my favorite! I also have a drawer of green veg.  Staples for me include broccoli, zucchini, fennel and asparagus or brussel sprouts.


Fridge Door

Now for the fridge door! Oh the fridge door, how I do love thee.  Other stray condiments are kept here (I’m looking at you mayo and mustard) along with a few beers and tonic waters.  No, the beer and tonic is not for me, but for guests (hi mum.  beer= my thank you for jam).  I stick to cider or wine…rosé for the summer. I will also always have a container of Califia almond milk and sparkling water.  Now for two clutch (oops 🙂 I did it again) but totally random items: probiotics and my face mask.  I know you’re asking, why on earth do I keep my face mask in the fridge? When kept there, it has a wonderful cooling and soothing property for the skin.  It feels like heaven when I put it on! As for the probiotics, I take a strong dose every morning and evening as a part of my autoimmune wellness plan.

So there you have it! My fridge staples and essentials! Stay tuned for a look into my pantry including the different superfood and protein powders I use and other pantry goodies!

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