My Sunday Morning Routine


Sunday is my favorite day of the week.

My number one goal every Sunday is to reflect on the week past with gratitude and look to the one ahead with faith.  I love starting my day off relatively early (between the hours of 6am and 7am) so there is a quiet hush over the city.  There is a peacefulness the lies in the city while everyone else is sleeping.
One of the first things I do is open my blinds and patio doors to take a big breath of ocean air!  I am blessed to live right on the water so I wake up and can usually hear the waves and smell the salt.


I love coffee.  I had to eliminate it a while back to make sure that it was not a culprit of my digestive issues, and I missed it every damn day!  Thankfully, it wasn’t having an ill-effect on my tummy, so I could re-introduce it.  Coffee can interfere with balancing my stress levels though.  I know that an excess of coffee is not good for your adrenal glands, and mine are already stressed AF right now, but then again, nothing is good in excess.  I have one (big) cup in the morning and sometimes a second mid-morning, but never after 12:00pm, and never more than 2  in a day.

I use an AreoPress to make my coffee and absolutely love it.  It works similarly to a French Press, however it functions as a vacuum system.  To my taste, it comes out as a more refined cup of coffee.  Sometimes, French Press to me is a bit murky.  The AreoPress was very inexpensive and takes up no counter space- perfect for a city apartment.

In my coffee, I add in almond milk, MCT oil, Maca powder and Collagen powder.  I will do a dedicated post on all my superfoods and supplements next week so come on back for that! I heat up the almond milk and then add in everything else.  My immersion blender is the perfect tool to make it all frothy, creamy and delicious.  I love this coffee so much and it is my favorite way to start my day.  During the week, I head to the gym or SoulCycle quite early and this is my “pre-workout”.  Because I workout before 7am, I don’t really have an appetite that early, but also do not want to go on an empty stomach.  I am someone who does NOT believe in fasted cardio.  You have no energy by morning time and so your body needs fuel.  After burning the glycogen that is stored in your muscles, and the minimal fat it can use right then and there, chances are, your body will burn your MUSCLE to fuel your workout so you are defeating the purpose.  We want to BUILD our muscles, not burn them.  Anyways, back to the frothy coffee! After making it, I love to head to my couch and open my morning Bible Study.  I use the SheReadsTruth app and absolutely love it.  A few times a year I order the hard copy study guide and love how it has deepened my prayer life and understanding of His Word.  As I sip on my coffee, I write a “Gratitude List” for all the things I am grateful for and set that as the tone of my day.  I also look ahead to the week I am about to start and set an intention as to how I want that week to play out.  Heading into Monday with a strong word or theme for my week is a great way to stay on your path of success.  I brainstorm any projects or ideas that I have had for a few minutes before carrying on with my morning.



As I said, Sunday = Pancake day.  Ever since I was a little girl, Sundays have always meant it was pancaked day.  My mom would always cook up pancakes after church ever single Sunday.  Sometimes, she would be making triple or quadruple batches! Now, my pancakes are a little different to hers (protein powder would never have entered mom’s) but they are still pancakes!

Why Protein?

I typically make Protein Pancakes for two reasons.

#1.  Obvious…PROTEIN.  Protein is a key macronutrient (see this post for more info) for muscle growth and development.

#2.  I make one BIG pancake and feel like a BOSS eating it.  There is something so satisfying about a pancake the size of a dinner plate.  This recipe makes one, beautiful serving.

Protein Pancakes are also really easy to mix up.  To watch me whip them out, check out my YouTube video on them! The recipe is also on that page, so you can get your Protein Pancake on as I do 🙂

Rest Day

Sunday is literally the day of rest.  I typically use Sunday afternoons to plan out content for the next week and get organized for the week ahead. I sit, curled up on my couch, and let the inspiration and motivation fly! This is an amazing way to get my creativity sparked.  Inspiration and motivation are like muscles: you need to use them daily in order for them to grow.  Speaking of muscles growing, your muscles will not grow if you don’t give them a chance to rest and repair.  I will say that again, because if you’re like me, you have a hard time taking rest days: your muscles will not grow if you workout every single day and don’t rest.  What helps me create a schedule with rest days, is thinking of them like another “active day”- my muscles are growing and developing as I rest.  I like to do a nice beach walk, slow run, or yoga if I have a lot of energy.  But I ensure to keep it LIGHT and CHILL so that my body has time to recover.






Now go make yourself some pancakes, take a rest day, and make Sunday the best day of YOUR week!






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