Love Letter to SoulCycle

Dear SoulCycle Yaletown,

I am filled with so much gratitude on this day: the day that marks your 1 year anniversary.

Your vibe attracts your tribe.

Your bright white walls and yellow accents welcome me almost everyday in my week.

Your people greet me with warmth behind their smiles and they genuinely care when they ask how I am.

As I am given a pair of your well worn shoes, I am filled with anticipation as I velcro them closed.  This feeling never goes away…after close to 1,000 rides, I still get excited every single time I put those shoes on.

I fill my water bottle and head into your dark studio.  How is it that even in the darkness of your room, I know my way as if there is a light shining?

Thank you for giving me a place to call home.  Thank you for attracting rad humans that I now call family.  You have given me a space that accepts me for who I am in my entirety.  I know that all I have to do is show up with a heart that is ready to work, and you take care of the rest.

You have given me a community that is a backbone to my life.  You have given me friends that I now cherish and hold close to my heart.


You have shown me my greatest purpose and passion in life.  You are my intersection.  You are my intersection of my passion and purpose. You bring joy to my life and give me a place to shine my light even when I am not so sparkly.  You give me a place to get stronger: physically, emotionally, and mentally.  It doesn’t matter how many times I turn up the wheel on your bikes, I still have a place to grow into.

Soul Yaletown, I am so excited to begin this next chapter with you.  As I look back to the year that we had, I am filled with deep thankfulness.  As I look forward to the year ahead, I am filled with excitement and anticipation.  I have a sneaky feeling that this time next year, I will be celebrating as an instructor, not a rider, and that lights me up more than I can articulate!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Love you,



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