My Training Split

You know by now that I love to train and push my physical limits.  My training game doesn’t come easy though…I don’t wake up every single day feeling like I am at the peak of my performance game.  Some days, I walk my butt into the gym with less pep and sparkle in my step, but the key thing is that I still am showing up.

One of the most common questions I get asked is “what keeps you so motivated?” To be honest, my answer is pretty annoying.  I am someone who is intrinsically motived. I was born to live a life with ample motivation locked deep in my heart.  Now, this doesn’t imply that life is easy for me.  Even if you are someone who is intrinsically motivated, you still need discipline and dedication.

Motivation gets you going, but discipline keeps you growing. – John C. Maxwell

Motivation and discipline are like peanut butter + jelly: they bring out the best in each other.  Think of your motivation as your WHY and your discipline as your HOW.  Both are attributes that need to be flexed, just like our muscles.  Both require passion and dedication.

So.  Now that we have the WHY and HOW behind slaying our fitness game, here is a typical snap shot of what my training split looks like.


  • Morning: LEG DAY
  • Afternoon: circuit training/tabata


  • Morning: Mobility + Upper Body (Chest + Bis/Tris) + Abs
  • Evening: SoulCycle 60 mins


  • Morning: SoulCycle 45mins
  • Afternoon: Physio or stretching/mobility


  • Morning: Upper Body (Back and Shoulders)


  • Morning: total body


  • SoulCycle, 45 mins
  • SoulCycle, 60 mins


  • Active recovery day


I take each week day-by-day and sometimes change it up.  Being that it is the summer time, I love to head outside for a good ride…my bike also likes the adventure 🙂 Remember to listen to what your body is asking for.  I vary the intensity of my workouts as it is unsustainable to crush it every day and hit your “red zone”.  I have just come off of a lighter week where I cut my workouts by a third as I was feeling pretty tired.  The payoff is awesome as I now feel recharged and ready to go again!

Some other things that help keep me on track are great playlists and accountability buddies. I have the luxury to have a friend who goes to the same gym as me and he is a certified PT.  Not only that, he could possibly have more discipline than I do.  Every so often he will throw a “you want one more plate on?” and I know it is a rhetorical question.

Find someone to train with that is more fit or strong than you are: they will only raise you up and inspire you when you need it the most.

That’s all for today my beauties- I have a really exciting project coming up that I will announce soon!  It will include a week of workouts written by moi that require no equipment and I promise your heart will be pumping and the sweat will be dripping!




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