Before the 4th

Here I go again.  This is my fourth SoulCycle audition.  At this point I could do them in my sleep, but I still have a little butterfly of doubt that flutters around in my stomach.  And you know what? I am glad that it’s still there.  I would hate to become complacent and jaded.  That tiny shred of doubt is what continues to build a fire within me: it pushes me and motivates beyond what is in my comfort zone.


So how do I feel heading into this audition?







My songs are picked out, as is my outfit.  We all know that I love my fashion, and so it is no surprise that the outfit had a high amount of deliberation.  I have ended up selecting my RYU Versa bra in the Arsenic colour, because when your hair is lavender, you take every opportunity to match it with your clothing 🙂 As for bottoms, I wanted to wear a SoulCycle branded pair of leggings (smart move my friends) and so I selected a high waisted, 7/8ths length black pair with a pastel signature Soul skull logo.


Now that I had my songs and my outfit, finding my message and my words was the next part.  One of the biggest pieces of the audition is finding your voice in the room and letting it shine.  The Audition team can teach anyone how to ride like a Rockstar, but they cannot teach you how to command space.  This time around, my message was clear, simple, and vulnerable: I wanted to acknowledge that this is my 4th audition.  There is no reason to hide it. In fact, it might give someone else that boost of motivation they need.  There is no limit to our dreams and goals unless we set them ourselves.  A ceiling is a man-made thing.  No one caps your potential but you.  Was I going to give up on myself just because I didn’t make it the first three times? Hell to the NO.  There is a dream out there with your name written all over it- go after it. Chase it.  Run towards it with relentless persistence.  Be passionate about what sets your soul on fire.


Songs? Check

Outfit? Check

Message? Check


Now it is time to do the damn thing.





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