My Sexy Gains Plan



I feel like I just ran several marathons.


I just wrapped up working 12 days straight; I have flown to and from Los Angeles; opened up a store; trained a staff of 8 people; poured out every drop of RYU culture I had in my heart; completed my fourth (and final, fingers crossed) SoulCycle audition; and helped throw an epic VIP party for over 120 people.


You now know that I adore my morning routine and I never realized how much of a difference it made to my life until I was out of my rhythm. I usually head to the gym or Soul every morning on my adapted “bulletproof” coffee. This past 1.5 weeks, I crept out my hotel room door between 6-6:30am without a drop of coffee, or fuel of any kind. I would NEVER repeat this.  I found that my workouts and motivation were hit hard, and, my performance was stifled because of it.  I made sure to fuel up properly after my workouts, but the struggle was REAL for each and every session.  Luckily, I did have my BCAAs in my water bottle.  The downside is that I have noticed that I am coming home feeling leaner than I left, and that is certainly NOT a goal of mine…I don’t really have much to lean out.


Wait, what? I lost weight?


Yeah, I did.  And I am not feeling too great about it.  Despite eating wholesome meals at Erewhon and trying a few of the amazing gf/v/aip treats they have, I just was out of my normal rhythm.  In addition to missing my morning get-up-an-go coffee, I was missing my bedtime snacks. Normally I go to bed on a snack that fuels my body as I sleep, but, I didn’t have these while in LA.  I also had days where I was stressed AF.  In a typical week, I pepper in yin-based self-care moments (hello bubble bath…I see you); however, my only yin-based activity was sitting in the Uber to and from my hotel.


So, why am I pointing out that I lost weight? Certainly not to say that it is a good thing.  Nor to bemoan the incredible week I just had.  I just want to show the importance of healthy habits.  Through trial and error, I have figured out what works best for my body, and I have quickly realized that when I do not practice those habits, I slide backwards.

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. – Jim Ryan

I am also not perfect, and it is really important for me to highlight when I am not feeling my best.  Being vulnerable and acknowledging the things we are ashamed or self-conscious of is a very liberating thing.  When I lose 5 pounds, it makes a big difference on my frame. Not only physically, but mentally. I become quite self-conscious and aware of my slight frame and I struggle to feel sexy or feminine.  I hear it all the time “you are so lucky to have that problem!” You know what, I really don’t like when people tell me that.  I wouldn’t ever think of saying to someone “you are so lucky to be 5 pounds overweight” so it would be awesome if we can all bench those comments and just support each other in our health and wellness pursuits.




What is this pixie going to do?

I am going to hit my food hard, nail my macros, lift heavier, AND, love my body for exactly where it is meeting me.  I am going to plan some really nutrient dense meals and adjust my macros so that I can put a little curve back on.  High carb, moderate protein and moderate fat is where I will go. Everyday cookies and Birdie bars from TurF? Yes, yes, YES please.  Homemade sweet potato fries? Check. Summer tacos with guacamole and pineapple salsa? You know it.


I am going to get my butt in the gym and ask to be spotted at the squat rack so that I safely lift more that I think I could.  I am going to put on an extra plate on the bar and confidently support that bar as I drop down for my squat.
Lastly, I am going to put on a few more dresses and bodysuits. I am going to tap-back with a little more oomph 😉 I am going to play a little more hip-hop to practice those sexy body rollsQuick psa: my sexy corners are about to become REAL extra…I warned you.  (If you have no idea what I am talking about, get your butt on a bike this week and find out!)

I am going to love my body for where it is at, and I am going to refrain from comparing myself to the women that I would normally label as being sexy/feminine/desirable etc.  Comparison is the thief of joy, and hell no am I going to lose my joy.


My 2 asks of you, and 2 tips for you:



1.) Next time you see me in the gym, please tell me to go heavier.

2.) I will gladly accept all ice-cream dates to Kokomo or Uma Luma; and snack dates to TurF.



1.) Create healthy habits in your life that help you hit your wellness goals.

2.) When you fall out of routine, love yourself for where you are.  Meet you body where it is at, not where you want it to be. 





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