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Matcha Train


I am on the train: the matcha train.  My favourite matcha comes from Tropeaka.  I love their products, so it is not a coincidence that their matcha is my favourite.  Think of this as a coffee lovers ode to matcha.   Now I haven’t completely given up on my coffee; however, I have fully embraced the bright green world of matcha.  I owe this ode to my Naturopath, the awesome Dr. Kuczma.  She has become my health quarterback- she guides me along my health and wellness journey and I have learned a ton from her already.

So Matcha, I have something to tell you: I have a crush on you.

You are a little bitter at times, but that’s not a bad thing.

I am learning to embrace this.  I still need a buffer for you- almond milk is my buffer of choice- but I know that you two get along very nicely.

You are quite sensitive and like myself, you don’t like the extreme heat.  Although you can handle more than I can, I am sure to keep you slightly cooler than the other teas.

You are a mighty powerhouse.

You amaze me at your nutritional quality.  In a tiny teaspoon, you offer more than 100 times the antioxidants when compared to your other tea friends.  You are rich in chlorophyl, a currency I am trying to increase my wealth in.  You help my body detox and keep my metabolism supported.  One of my favourite things about you is that you help my adrenal glands: you help my body cope with stress.  You don’t cause inflammation in my body- in fact, you fight it.  How considerate of you: while you quiet my inflammation, you are also working hard to boost my cell production to protect me from nasty free radical damage.  According to this sneaky little study you help lower my blood pressure which is a great thing since I have operated in a stressful environment for a while.

Lastly little matcha, you are stunning!

Like me, you are a bright, bright spark.  Your color is enough to plaster a HUGE smile on my face.  When you swirl with the pearly white almond milk, you create a marble pattern that is gorgeous.  A treat for the eyes and the body.

Thank you little matcha tea.

Thank you.  I am glad we are friends.




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