To my surprise

I was not expecting that.

At all.

When I landed in NYC, and walked into the Noho SoulCycle studio, it felt like home.  I am surprised by the fact that I feel more calmness and strength and certainty in this city than the one I came from.

I love Vancouver.  I love the outdoors, lifestyle, wilderness, being closer to family and the amazing community that I have been welcomed into.


I adore NYC.  I love the energy, the vibe and the people of this city.  I am equally humbled and inspired by the SoulCycle community here.  Yesterday, I was welcomed with arms that were stretched out in excitement.  I was uplifted by the palpable energy of that dark room.  It felt like I was gone for 2 months, not two years.  Everything just felt right.

I do not know what lies ahead.  I only know that I am going to soak up every minute of these next 8 weeks.

NYC, I love you.

NYC, I missed you.

NYC, let’s find a way for me to stay.




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