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SoulCycle Training – Week 5



Can you believe it? No? Me either.  I am stunned that we are already into Community Ride week.

Week 5 training was about leaning into what we have learned, practicing, and asking any last minute questions.  At this point, we need to trust in the training, knowledge and advice we have been given.  We need to trust that all the information is stored somewhere in our brains and at the right time, we will tap into it.  Now, in order to tap into the knowledge base, we need to have a calm brain and body so that it can just flow through us.

The incredibly exciting task at hand is for all 41 of us to complete our Community Rides.  If you are no where near the SoulCycle world, Community Rides are when new trainees teach a regular class to the public and a training officer will sit in the room and then share feedback 1-on-1 so we know what we do really well, and where we need to fine-tune.  You can sign up for all of our classes online and they are FREE! How exciting for you! A free SoulCycle class with a bunch of rad, excited and talented instructors.


What can you expect from MY class?

  1. A TEAM atmosphere
  2. More resistance than you think you can push through (but I know you can🙂)
  3. SWEAT…a ton of sweat…so hydrate properly
  4. High-fives, fist pumps, air kisses, handle-bar smacking…all the things
  5. Mountains (figuratively speaking…although it will *feel* literal) with sweet views from the top
  6. Quirky comments that fly from my mouth before I filter them
  7. Knowledge bombs about anatomy, nutrition, life
  8. Rad music from all genres
  9. Growth: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual…all the growth in all the ways
  10. A coach who is tremendously passionate about your well-being and teaching you how to SHINE YOUR LIGHT BRIGHT

So book those bikes, find me on Instagram ( @tiastake ) and let’s find some epic hills and show them what a BOSS team we make!



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