New Year…Old You?

Happy 2019!!!

Well, we have made it through the first week of 2019.  Anyone know where 2018 went? Yeah, me neither.


Unless you have been living under a rock on the top of the Rocky Mountains, you have probably been inundated with tips on how to achieve “your best year yet” or “the body of your dreams”.  If your feed is anything like mine, tips on losing those last 5 pounds or talk of the latest new diet has been overshadowing the posts on gratitude for the year we have just had.

I am over it. I am over hearing people talk negatively about their minds and bodies and wishing for ways to fix superficial problems.  I am over taking things away from my life.

So this year I am NOT making resolutions.

Yes you read that correctly.

I am NOT making resolutions.

Instead, I am making intentions.  I am declaring ways to add value into my life. I am taking small steps towards living out God’s purpose for my life.

I have two sets of intentions for my year

Surrender + Alignment

The first set are themes of the actions and decisions I am taking in 2019.  I am surrendering my plans, my control, my individual strength for the ultimate plan God has for me. I am walking under His sovereignty and am aligning my life to the one He has placed me in.  I am aligning my life in Toronto to the one I feel that I have been called to. I am setting down roots and diving into making this the most beautiful and bright year yet.  SoulCycle Toronto, I know we have only just met however I feel like we are going to do big, BIG things together this year.

Motivate + Nurture

The second set of intentions hint at the purpose I believe I have been called to.  My job is to motivate a room full of moving bodies and captive brains.  It is my biggest passion in life to help you achieve your best, brightest, most vibrant life. I LOVE helping you build healthy habits and want to motivate you to be the best, most authentic version of yourself.  At SoulCycle, we work our bodies to physical limits so that we can crack open our hearts and souls. We lay a groundwork of authenticity, integrity, accountability, strength and love.  The work is gritty, sweaty, and sometimes even ugly; but, it is the foundational element to everything else that is beautiful in our lives.

So join me in NOT making resolutions and instead, make intentions.  Seek ways to add value into your life.  Join me in a dark room on a bike that goes no where and together, we will make 2019 our most passion-filled and purpose-driven year yet.



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