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Safer Skincare: Disrupt the Industry

Make a Safer Choice

We work so hard to make the “right choice” every day.  We move our bodies, we work our hearts, we work our brains, we eat foods that nourish our cells and we spend time with people who add value to our life. Then, we slap products onto our bodies that contain potentially harmful and toxic ingredients.  Interestingly, not all “natural” products are safe and not all synthetic ingredients are toxic.  There is a long list of un-safe ingredients and they should be avoided at all costs.  We don’t realize it, but our skin (our largest organ) absorbs a lot of what we put on it. Roughly 60-70% of these harmful chemicals are small enough to be pulled into our bloodstream.  These nasties will then make their way to our endocrine system to set up camp and start a havoc party.


The skincare and makeup industry is a multi-billion dollar beast that has very little regulation.  Most women put on several different products on their bodies every day.  These products can have up to a hundred different harmful chemicals that are directly linked to immunotoxicity, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), hormonal imbalances and infertility.  Now, women are not the only ones affected by these harsh chemicals: men’s skincare products can be just as harmful, and have similar negative side-effects.  Harsh phthalates can have a devastating effect on sperm count and concentration.  Here is a terrific blog post on safer skincare and this is a fascinating study on couples undergoing IVF treatment and the effect of phthalates and DNA damage.

With such bold language, you can tell that I am very passionate about this topic.  It is my job, my purpose and passion in life, to help other achieve a lifestyle that makes them feel vibrant, healthy, balanced and alive! This goes from working our bodies at SoulCycle to helping you select the best products for your skincare and makeup routine and…


SURPRISE!! I have joined the Beautycounter team and am a safer Skincare Consultant! I love helping others with skincare and makeup, and would LOVE to work with you! Drop me a line, email, DM, text…you name it…and we will get you on a safer skincare journey! Your health is extremely valuable.  There is no price-tag that can be named in exchange for having a vibrant life, so join me in disrupting the Beauty industry and chose safer products! See below for a recent makeup look I did and the products I used!


Products Used

Eyes: Volumizing mascara, eyeshadow in Sienna and Copper, and liquid matte eyeliner 

Skin: Highlighter palette, Nectar blush

Lips: Bite beauty nude lip (circa 2016…almost out and can’t even read the bottom!)

Remember, beauty is much more than skin deep- but let’s take care of our skin!




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