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New Year…Old You?

Happy 2019!!!

Well, we have made it through the first week of 2019.  Anyone know where 2018 went? Yeah, me neither.


Unless you have been living under a rock on the top of the Rocky Mountains, you have probably been inundated with tips on how to achieve “your best year yet” or “the body of your dreams”.  If your feed is anything like mine, tips on losing those last 5 pounds or talk of the latest new diet has been overshadowing the posts on gratitude for the year we have just had.

I am over it. I am over hearing people talk negatively about their minds and bodies and wishing for ways to fix superficial problems.  I am over taking things away from my life.

So this year I am NOT making resolutions.

Yes you read that correctly.

I am NOT making resolutions.

Instead, I am making intentions.  I am declaring ways to add value into my life. I am taking small steps towards living out God’s purpose for my life.

I have two sets of intentions for my year

Surrender + Alignment

The first set are themes of the actions and decisions I am taking in 2019.  I am surrendering my plans, my control, my individual strength for the ultimate plan God has for me. I am walking under His sovereignty and am aligning my life to the one He has placed me in.  I am aligning my life in Toronto to the one I feel that I have been called to. I am setting down roots and diving into making this the most beautiful and bright year yet.  SoulCycle Toronto, I know we have only just met however I feel like we are going to do big, BIG things together this year.

Motivate + Nurture

The second set of intentions hint at the purpose I believe I have been called to.  My job is to motivate a room full of moving bodies and captive brains.  It is my biggest passion in life to help you achieve your best, brightest, most vibrant life. I LOVE helping you build healthy habits and want to motivate you to be the best, most authentic version of yourself.  At SoulCycle, we work our bodies to physical limits so that we can crack open our hearts and souls. We lay a groundwork of authenticity, integrity, accountability, strength and love.  The work is gritty, sweaty, and sometimes even ugly; but, it is the foundational element to everything else that is beautiful in our lives.

So join me in NOT making resolutions and instead, make intentions.  Seek ways to add value into your life.  Join me in a dark room on a bike that goes no where and together, we will make 2019 our most passion-filled and purpose-driven year yet.



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Get in your head

Get in your head.

A lot of trainers tell you to get out, but I say, get in.  Instead of running from “I can’t do this” or the “I am too tired” thoughts that creep in, change the narrative.  Change the thought process and pattern.  We don’t learn anything by running away from problems.  Pretending like something isn’t there only allows it to manifest into something bigger.  “I can’t do this run” turns into “I am not good enough to come to class” which could turn into “I am not good enough”.

Flip it, part 1.

If you have come to my class, you’ve heard me say it before: change the narrative.  Change the sorry that is running rampant in your head.  Grab onto the thoughts, flip them around, and make empowering statements about your life.  Replace the negative words for statements that will strengthen you and lift you up.

Flip it, part 2.

When you are facing something that definitely feels too big to handle, break it into smaller pieces.  A great example is doing a long run out of the saddle.  That run takes a strong foundation of skill and muscle to properly complete it.  Instead of running wild out of the saddle, we start small by learning how to do jumps.  “Jumps” are when we come straight up for a series of counts (usually 8, 4, or 2) and then go back down.  We learn how to control our muscles and body in smaller increments.  When done properly, jumps are JUST as hard as long runs, if not harder,; however, they are more manageable.  If your instructor is leading a long run and you simply are not ready to do the whole thing, break it up! Stay up for 8 or 16 counts then sit back down again. Repeat until it is over, or, until you feel strong enough to run the whole segement.  Replace the “I can’t do this run” with “I can jump for 8 counts at a time”!

You can do it.  You need to want to do it.

Ultimately, you need to WANT to attack what is in front of you. You need to decide to show up and do it.  Nothing will ever change from skirting the problem or just bowing out completely.  There have been many days where I don’t think I can confront what is going on in my body; however, I WANT to see it get stronger.  I WANT my body to be strong. I WANT my body to be healthy.  That WANT is my fuel for my story.  That WANT is what inspires me to change my “I can’t” into the biggest, best “I CAN!”


Want it.

Flip it.

Change it.

Yes you can.





First Christmas Out of Home + Tip #1

Today is the first Sunday of Advent and the Christmas season OFFICIALLY kicks off today! Truth be told, I have been playing carols for weeks now but shhhh…that can be our not-so-well kept secret.


This is the first Christmas that I will not make it home.  I am 29 years old.  That means I have been home with my family for 28 years! Christmas is a huge holiday in my family that is rich with traditions, laughter, skiing, cookies, mulled wine, and puzzles! Although my heart yearns for my family, I am also feeling quite excited at the opportunity I have at hand.  I am going to be spending it with a new community of wonderful people, bringing joy, love and light into the studios over the holidays.  What I am learning more and more is that each season of life is what you make of it.  You could dwell on things that you DON’T have, or, you can chose to focus on what you DO have and cultivate new traditions.  When unpacking all my boxes in my new home, it was the perfect time to go through all my Christmas decorations.  Although I have spent Christmas at my parent’s home, I have been collecting ornaments and knick-knacks for decorating my apartment, wherever that has been in the world.

I know the holiday season is one of many parties and celebrations for people.  Often, the social calendar is packed with events.  I am not a believer in deprivation or saying NO to fun times.  This is a time to make good choices 80% of the time, and live life BIG the other 20%.  Instead of stressing about that beautiful slice of Christmas cake or that celebratory champagne cocktail, let yourself indulge without the guilt.  This brings me to my first tip of the season:

Tip #1: Embrace the wiggle room and leave the guilt at the door!

During the week when your parties and events are at a minimum, make really healthy, clean-living choices.  Walk a few extra blocks, drink more water, eat more plants, and for  heaven’s sake, COME TO CLASS! SoulCycle is the perfect addition to your holiday schedule.  You can come in, get a seriously awesome workout and a mental break, and then walk out in under an hour.  I promise to have you through my class on-time so that you can be on your merry way.  Ultimately, look for ways to give yourself a bit more “wiggle room” so that when you are out at the party, you know you’ve made some really great choices during the week.  Here comes the most important part: LEAVE THE GUILT OUT.  Just stop with the “I shouldn’t have had that cookie and that glass of wine.”  That just is the biggest party pooper of all time.  Guilt is a thief: it will rob you of joy and peace, which is the exact opposite effect of what the season should bring you.

So there you have it, my first tip of the season + a sneak peak into my Toronto home and the cozy Christmas vibes that it houses.

Come back next week for Tip #2 and until then, book those bikes and I will see you this week!




Goodbye Vancouver

As I stand here and look out my balcony I am washed with gratitude, excitement, joy and a touch of sadness.

Gratitude for the many blessings God has given me in this home.  I have lived at the foot of the ocean for so many years now, that falling asleep to the lap of the waves on the shore is my bedtime song.  I have gazed at countless sunrises and sunsets that have left me feeling absolutely tiny in the greatest way possible.  I have been surrounded with a community of friends and family that all share a similar love of the outdoors and adventure.  I am so grateful for the richness of all these gifts.


Excitement for the journey ahead.  I am off to chase the unknown.  I am leaving to start a new chapter in a new city with a new community and a new job.  That is a lot of new.  I am about to write the first pages of what is going to be an extraordinary chapter.  This is going to be epic.


Joy for the fact that I am standing where I have dreamed to be for so long.  I have been working towards this very moment for 5 years.  After over 1,500 rides in 4 different cities over 60 months, I am now a SoulCycle instructor.  I successfully graduated the instructor training program.  I spent 7 weeks in New York City training and learning to become the best coach and athlete I can be.  It took a lot of sweat, passion, food and energy to complete it and man, it was so worth it.


Sadness for the season that has now come to a close.  I moved to Vancouver with my family when I was 5 years old.  Every time I left the city for another modelling contract, I always had a home to come back to in Vancouver.  After 8 years of travelling, I moved to NYC for 3 years, yet always had this place to return to.  Now, at 29 years old, I am the last of my nuclear family to be leaving the city.  It will forever have a piece of my heart and I know I can always return, but for now, this is the last page of what was a beautiful chapter of life.


Vancouver, I love you.

Toronto, you have some very large shoes to fill.



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SoulCycle Training – Week 5



Can you believe it? No? Me either.  I am stunned that we are already into Community Ride week.

Week 5 training was about leaning into what we have learned, practicing, and asking any last minute questions.  At this point, we need to trust in the training, knowledge and advice we have been given.  We need to trust that all the information is stored somewhere in our brains and at the right time, we will tap into it.  Now, in order to tap into the knowledge base, we need to have a calm brain and body so that it can just flow through us.

The incredibly exciting task at hand is for all 41 of us to complete our Community Rides.  If you are no where near the SoulCycle world, Community Rides are when new trainees teach a regular class to the public and a training officer will sit in the room and then share feedback 1-on-1 so we know what we do really well, and where we need to fine-tune.  You can sign up for all of our classes online and they are FREE! How exciting for you! A free SoulCycle class with a bunch of rad, excited and talented instructors.


What can you expect from MY class?

  1. A TEAM atmosphere
  2. More resistance than you think you can push through (but I know you can🙂)
  3. SWEAT…a ton of sweat…so hydrate properly
  4. High-fives, fist pumps, air kisses, handle-bar smacking…all the things
  5. Mountains (figuratively speaking…although it will *feel* literal) with sweet views from the top
  6. Quirky comments that fly from my mouth before I filter them
  7. Knowledge bombs about anatomy, nutrition, life
  8. Rad music from all genres
  9. Growth: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual…all the growth in all the ways
  10. A coach who is tremendously passionate about your well-being and teaching you how to SHINE YOUR LIGHT BRIGHT

So book those bikes, find me on Instagram ( @tiastake ) and let’s find some epic hills and show them what a BOSS team we make!



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SoulCycle Training Week 1

SoulCycle Training Week 1

Well we did it.  We made it through week one of the SoulCycle instructor training program.
I didn’t know what to expect other than a whole lot of riding and sweating and for it to be tough, emotionally, physically and mentally.
I am so happy to report that I am feeling inspired, grounded, motivated, strong, uplifted…all the feelings! Yes it is difficult, but it just feels so right.  I haven’t felt this happy everyday in a while.  That is what makes it all worth it.  Also, the thought of being able to offer someone the best part of their day…45 minutes of heart pumping love and endurance, that is what keeps me going.
A few learnings thus far:
  1. A balanced breakfast with all my macros and nutrients is more important than ever.  I need a strong hit of carbs, fat and protein right in the morning.  My mid-day meals have been wonky and I feel like this will be a trend that continues.  I am riding between 2-4 hours each day on average, so I need a lot of quality fuel and nutrients!
  2. I cannot ride on a full stomach.  I ate a salad last week before a drill and felt so nauseous the whole time.
  3. Apples, organic honeycrsip to be exact, are my best friend.
  4. Oat milk matcha lattes are also my best friend. Add collagen peptides and you’re set.
  5. Pair the apple with the matcha and I have a great snack with carbs, fats and a bit of protein (see collagen peptides note).
  6. Protein bars have become a thing, as well as no fruit green juices.  I want to make sure I am getting enough protein and a protein bar is a quick option.  I know it is a processed food but ya’ know what? I don’t care.  As long as the ingredients are clean, it is a fast and nutritious option so that is what I need.  Since I am not having a traditional “lunch”, a green juice is a great way for me to get fast vitamins.
  7. Dinner needs to be big.  HUGE.  Massive.  Dinner will always include a big-ass-kitchen-sink-salad along with a main.  I have been rotating through chickpea pasta and sweet potatoes as carbs (large serving here) with some veggies and either tempeh, fish or ground turkey breast.
  8. Snack before bed is imperative.  My muscles undergo a lot of training during the day and the prime time for them to repair is while I am sleeping.  A snack before bed is a great way to top up my calories and macros so my body can repair through the night.
  9. Hydrate with enough electrolytes + bcaas to keep my muscles and cells filled.
  10. Soak it all up and stay true to myself! Although the days are packed and the emotions are high, I am reminding to keep grounding myself into the day and soak up being in NYC again.  This is an amazing experience and I don’t want to rush it or let it fly by without being present.  I also am focusing on staying in my own lane and being my authentic pixie self.  I was brought into this program for who I am and they want ME…they do not want another version of an existing instructor.  I need to find and trust my voice.
Bonus: the sweat bag situation is real people.  I am tossing those bags in the freezer and making a trip to the laundromat every 3 days or so.  It takes a lot of sweaty spandex to pull through this program.
Love ya!

To my surprise

I was not expecting that.

At all.

When I landed in NYC, and walked into the Noho SoulCycle studio, it felt like home.  I am surprised by the fact that I feel more calmness and strength and certainty in this city than the one I came from.

I love Vancouver.  I love the outdoors, lifestyle, wilderness, being closer to family and the amazing community that I have been welcomed into.


I adore NYC.  I love the energy, the vibe and the people of this city.  I am equally humbled and inspired by the SoulCycle community here.  Yesterday, I was welcomed with arms that were stretched out in excitement.  I was uplifted by the palpable energy of that dark room.  It felt like I was gone for 2 months, not two years.  Everything just felt right.

I do not know what lies ahead.  I only know that I am going to soak up every minute of these next 8 weeks.

NYC, I love you.

NYC, I missed you.

NYC, let’s find a way for me to stay.




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Matcha Train


I am on the train: the matcha train.  My favourite matcha comes from Tropeaka.  I love their products, so it is not a coincidence that their matcha is my favourite.  Think of this as a coffee lovers ode to matcha.   Now I haven’t completely given up on my coffee; however, I have fully embraced the bright green world of matcha.  I owe this ode to my Naturopath, the awesome Dr. Kuczma.  She has become my health quarterback- she guides me along my health and wellness journey and I have learned a ton from her already.

So Matcha, I have something to tell you: I have a crush on you.

You are a little bitter at times, but that’s not a bad thing.

I am learning to embrace this.  I still need a buffer for you- almond milk is my buffer of choice- but I know that you two get along very nicely.

You are quite sensitive and like myself, you don’t like the extreme heat.  Although you can handle more than I can, I am sure to keep you slightly cooler than the other teas.

You are a mighty powerhouse.

You amaze me at your nutritional quality.  In a tiny teaspoon, you offer more than 100 times the antioxidants when compared to your other tea friends.  You are rich in chlorophyl, a currency I am trying to increase my wealth in.  You help my body detox and keep my metabolism supported.  One of my favourite things about you is that you help my adrenal glands: you help my body cope with stress.  You don’t cause inflammation in my body- in fact, you fight it.  How considerate of you: while you quiet my inflammation, you are also working hard to boost my cell production to protect me from nasty free radical damage.  According to this sneaky little study you help lower my blood pressure which is a great thing since I have operated in a stressful environment for a while.

Lastly little matcha, you are stunning!

Like me, you are a bright, bright spark.  Your color is enough to plaster a HUGE smile on my face.  When you swirl with the pearly white almond milk, you create a marble pattern that is gorgeous.  A treat for the eyes and the body.

Thank you little matcha tea.

Thank you.  I am glad we are friends.




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I Got In!!

I was planning on crafting a witty title for this post but honestly, it is too good to mess with.

I passed my audition!

I am going to NYC for SoulCycle Training!! The reality of it all is still sinking in.

From the first audition to the fourth, a lot has changed.

Audition 1: Adaptation

SoulCycle had yet to open up in Vancouver .  This was the very first audition for the wave of instructors that would lead the community of Yaletown.  Looking back, my lesson, and the theme, was adaptation.  When the audition day came, I had not taken a SoulCycle class in over 8 months.  I was out of rhythm with the class and had lost touch with the essence of the company: the community.  Instead of auditioning in a group setting, we were called in one by one.  I was not prepared for this.  I was not prepared to “teach” to an empty room.  I was also not ready to hear my voice on the microphone.  I was thrown off by the whole experience, and I did NOT adapt.  Instead, I became overwhelmed by things out of my control.

Audition #2: Satisfaction

My second audition took place in November 2017.  This time, my theme turned out to be satisfaction.  The actual audition day was a breeze in comparison to every other one.  There were only 12 people auditioning and the whole process took 1 hour.  I do not remember much from the day; however, the process after the audition, I remember like it was yesterday.  I had auditioned well.  My songs were great, my words were inspiring, my flow was on point.  I was great! The catch? There was no space on the schedule.  There was no place to put me after training.  So, I had to be satisfied with the effort that I gave and had to learn to trust the process.  I had to surrender to the timing, God’s timing, and know that I did everything right and it was just not my time yet.

Audition #3: Inspiration

Fast-forward to April 2018, and we are at my third audition.  Third time’s a charm, right? Not exactly.  I invested so much into this audition.  I used my savings and flew myself down to LA for the audition because I thought this was the time.  Correction, I was wanting this to be the time…I was trying to WILL it to be the time.  I had spent the previous 3 months absolutely soaking up my best friend’s skill, talent and grace.  I had spent ever Tuesday night in a room filled with inspiration and was carrying all of that with me to LA.  This audition, I was with over 40 other people! Because there were so many of us, it was split into two rounds, and some people were cut after the first round.  I felt so inspired and motivated by all the people who came and showed up chasing their dreams.  The odd thing is that I still had a shadow of a doubt in my heart.  Although I was completely and utterly inspired, I was lacking an internal conviction.  I was at a crossroads in my career and was riding as much as possible in Vancouver, and I still doubted that I was “good enough”.   This is real talk you guys.  We are the ONLY people who stand in our way.  We are the ONLY people who give up right before the finish line.  Although I certainly didn’t give up, I just didn’t give my all because I wasn’t ready.

Audition #4: Determination

Damn was I ready.  My fourth audition day came, and I was BEYOND ready.  There was a shift inside of my heart and soul between the third and fourth audition.  I literally stepped into my own.  I stepped into the woman that I am today.  I was determined to be the best human that I could be.  I realized that I have a passion and purpose to bring joy and health into other people’s lives.  I relinquished living up to other people’s expectations and starting living MY life, in the biggest, brightest way that I could.  I was determined and disciplined in my preparations, both physically and mentally speaking, and knew that it would pay off.  THIS PIXIE DOES NOT QUIT! By the time the audition day came, the nerves had dissolved and instead, all I wanted to do was get in that room and light it up.  I wanted to lift all the other audition-ees up, support them and encourage them to chase their dream, just as I was chasing mine!



  1. Be yourself!  There are billions of the people in the world, and only one of you.  The audition team does not want to see another version of your favourite instructor.  You have a voice.  You have a style. You have a personality, so use it and show it.
  2. Trust the process.  This is a big, juicy lesson to learn.  Few people pass on the first round and to be honest, you will grow so much through each audition.  The more you audition, the more you grow, the stronger you get.
  3. Don’t get caught up by the noise of your surroundings.  Stay in your lane, and if you need to merge into another one, so be it.  No sweat.
  4. Don’t. Give. Up.  Be passionate, determined and focused in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.





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After the 4th

Just like that, my fourth and final audition had drawn to a close. The last beat dropped and the last words came from my mouth: “I am chasing my dream SoulCycle- and I want you do to do the same.” In a matter of 60 seconds, my life had changed for the better.


Did I get it?


I still don’t know.  But I am writing as if I did.  And even if I didn’t, my life still changed.  I had made a decision to pursue what set MY soul on fire; not the soul of my brother, mother, friend…I made the decision to passionately pursue what I wanted most.

You see, the thing about taking responsibility for your life, is that you have to accept and own the good, the bad, the ugly.  When shit that hits the fan, you figure it out;  when diamonds fall from the sky, you count yourself blessed.  That is the brilliant thing about responsibility: you make a commitment to yourself to take charge of your life.


So where does this tangent come from? It comes from realizing that I am so glad I had to audition four times.  I would not pass that up for the world.  Each and every time I learned something about myself.  As I have mentioned before, motivation and determination are like muscles that you need to work on a daily basis.  This entire journey has refined me.  Wading through the process has made me stronger.  It takes a special kind of heart to stay determined while chasing a dream after three roadblocks.


So here I sit, on my couch 9 days post audition, feeling so thankful that I just went through a journey and a half.  It fascinates me to sit and reflect on where I have been and who I have become.  I am equally proud of the woman that is standing before me, as the one that stands behind me.  I don’t care that it sounds cliché, because I am just so damn proud of myself.  And for the record, being proud of yourself doesn’t mean that you are arrogant; it simply allows you to acknowledge all the beautiful, badass, amazing qualities you have.  Those awesome qualities are bound to be balanced by your quirks and shortcomings, and that is what makes you human.IMG_5907

So for what it’s worth, I feel as if I passed the audition. My journey has just begun.  A new chapter is opening as the previous one closes. I urge you to figure out what sets your soul on fire.  What lights up every cell of your being with joy? What is the dream out there that has your name written all over it? See it.  Chase it.  Grab onto it and never let it go.