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Everyone’s got an opinion and I am ready to share mine.  Botox and other facial injectables are quite popular right now, especially among young women ages 25-35.  That includes me peeps.  It seems like every other woman I meet has either had botox injected or is thinking of it.  I can’t lie, it has crossed my mind.  I am an animated talker and have smile lines as well as strong muscles in my forehead.  I do have a slightly lazy left eye and that causes a little imbalance in my face.  I am turning 30 in 6 months so my face is not as “youthful” as it once was.  Would I like to have a smooth and radiant face? YES, of course.  Am I going to get botox? No. No I am not. Cost aside, there are other factors to consider including muscle imbalances, toxicity and for the fact that I WAS NOT CREATED TO BE PERFECT.

Muscle Imbalance

Over time, botox can cause the muscles to atrophy (fancy word for wither). This means that those muscles will collapse inward and that will cause you to look older.  Doesn’t that defeat the purpose?


Botox is the brand name form of botulinum toxin that is used to temporarily paralyze muscles in the face (or where it is injected).  Botulinum is a neurotoxic spore.  There is not concrete evidence that botox has an adverse effect on individuals with autoimmune diseases. HOWEVER, just because something has not been proven does not mean there is no relationship between the two. At the end of the day, individuals with autoimmune (AI) diseases have a predisposition to attack their own bodies when placed in a “stressed” state. (I am really simplifying this down folks…big picture for easy comprehension). Environmental factors play a huge role with AI diseases.  This is why I make a huge effort to limit my environmental stressors in life – hence me staying clear of botox and other added environmental toxins.


Why has our society developed an unhealthy obsession with being perfect? Why do we want to hide our age from our faces or our bodies? Quite frankly, the older I get the more confident I become and the more I love my body.

My body is a representation of its strength and capabilities, not a reflection of what I do to it.


Safer Skincare Options

While I am dropping the addiction to perfection, I still want to age gracefully and try to prevent fine lines from setting in too early.  I would like to try and preserve my skin’s elasticity as long as possible.  I do want that “glow”.  Here are the products and tips I have to preserving youthful skin without the pokes and prods.

  1. HYDRATE: drink water.  Drink a lot of water.
  2. EAT GOOD FOOD: eat for the glow.  Fill your body with the micro and macro nutrients it needs and you will glow from the inside, out.
  3. SWEAT: sweat it out! Not only does this naturally eliminate toxins from your body, but the endorphins give you a “glow” that no product ever could! It is a joy that radiates from inside your body…your soul is shining for the whole world to see so SHINE BABY SHINE!
  4. RESURFACING PEEL: this is my liquid gold.  Overnight it gently sloughs-off the surface dead skin cells while smoothing skin’s tone and texture.
  5. CLEANSING BALM: you know I love this product. I did a WHOLE blog post about it.  Check it out!
  6. TONER PADS: I love the Counterman toner pads as they help to balance my skin after teaching multiple SoulCycle classes and will wipe off any excess dirt, oil or makeup.

You make your own decision about Botox.  It is your body.  Just know that you are perfectly imperfect and that your worth doesn’t come from how smooth your skin is.




Skincare + Beauty

One Product, and only ONE

If I had to use just one product from Beautycounter, it would be the Cleansing Balm.  This balm is by far the most versatile and unique product I have used.  Loaded with nourishing butters and oils, this rich balm packs a beauty-punch! Unlike cleansing with coconut or jojoba oil based cleansers, the cleansing balm is made from anti-oxidant rich raspberry, cranberry, davana and magnolia oils.  Rich in vitamin C, it brightens the tone and texture of your skin while soothing any imperfections or irritations.

I also use this balm when my skin on my stomach or hands is irritated.  Thanks to my Celiac disease, I develop painful rashes when exposed to gluten or nightshades and this balm has helped to soothe and take away some of the pain.  I also have a tendency to infect easily and a small sore can quickly turn into a boil.  Not cute.  Not comfortable.  These boils have left scars on my face and with the continued use of this balm and the overnight peel, my scars are disappearing! It holds a dear place in my heart for these reasons!

What can this product do?

  1. Cleanser: The cleansing balm is a great choice to use when removing your makeup.  With emollient rich oils, it gently and thoroughly lifts off dirt and makeup while plumping and soothing your skin.
  2. Mask: when left on for 30 minutes, the balm will deliver much-needed moisture to your skin, leaving it soft and supple!
  3. Overnight treatment: the balm makes a superb choice for an overnight hydrating and brightening treatment.  The raspberry seed oils are rich in Vitamin C to help even our skin tone and lighten any dark or age spots.  Magnolia and davana oils provide deep hydration, essential to reducing fine lines and wrinkles and plumping your skin from the inside out.
  4. Skin treatment: the balm is perfect at protecting skin against harsh winter winds and will soothe mildly sun-burnt skin in the summer.
  5. Heal: this product is terrific at healing cracked skin on the hands, elbows, feet as well as soothing rashes caused by rosacea or eczema.  The balm is also a great choice to use when your little baby has rashes from teething or when they have chapped cheeks.
  6. Lip treatment: we all want kissable lips, and this balm will soothe, plump and hydrate the most chapped of lips!


Who is this product for?

The cleansing balm is for anyone! Men, women, children…it is hypoallergenic and great for sensitive skin.  Even if you have oily skin, do not be afraid of an oil-based product! Often our skin produces too much oil when it is severely dehydrated.  The use of the balm will help counter excess oil production and will balance out your skin.

How do I use this product?

  1. To cleanse: apply a pea-sized amount onto dry skin and massage all over your face using your fingertips in circular motions.  After a minute or two, wash off using warm water and a soft face cloth.  Do not rub your skin! Just gently massage off the product, being extra gentle with your eyes.
  2. Mask/Overnight treatment: For a face mask, apply a pea sized amount to dry skin and leave on for 30 minutes then gently wipe off with a warm and moist face cloth. For an overnight treatment, leave on overnight! This one is easy folks.
  3. Skin treatment: apply to chapped, irritated and sore skin and leave on.  Do not wipe off.  Allow the product to completely soak in.

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For a limited time (until February 25th, 2019 – or until supplies last) you can receive a FREE container of the cleansing balm (valued at $89) when you spend $200 or more on the Beautycounter website.  Not ready to commit to $200? No sweat! I would just highly encourage you to try this product next time you need a cleanser, treatment or all-around magic balm.

Protect and nurture that skin!






Skincare + Beauty

Winter Skincare Tips

YIKES! Has old man winter stolen your glow? He sure tried to take mine…my skin has been suffering with the winter conditions here on the east coast! But not to worry- we can take our glow back!

Good skin starts from within.  Yes, that rhymes for a reason: you can’t achieve healthy skin when you are depriving your body of proper nutrition and hydration.  And this shouldn’t come as a surprise because our skin is our largest organ.

So.  Let’s start at the very beginning (a very good place to start… cue music)


Tip 1: Food that nourishes and heals YOUR body

I can’t tell you what diet to follow.  And I shouldn’t either.  And by “diet” I simply mean a way of eating.  Perhaps Paleo is good for you; Keto could be your thing; or maybe you are Vegan.  All fine and dandy as long as you are listening to your body’s signals and not just following someone else.  A lot of skin issues stem from food sensitivities and allergies.  Nagging pimples or rashes on your skin? Check your diet.  Common culprits are acidic foods, lactose, eggs, gluten, dairy, nightshades, nuts, sugar…basically any food can be a trigger.  So, heed your body’s clues.  Don’t cut everything at once and don’t ignore it either.  Find the foods that make you feel the best and stick to those.  What works for me may not work for you; what works for you may not work for your best friend.  Keep as many foods in your diet as possible for variety and micronutrient diversity while still listening to your body.

Tip 2: Eat healthy fats!

Don’t be afraid of healthy fats: avocado, coconut, nuts, olive oil, fish oils, full fat dairy if that is your jam…fat is fuel and fat is good for your skin.  Specifically, omega 3 fatty acids.  Fat is also good for your hormones and happy hormones = happy skin.  This one is simple ladies and gentlemen.  Simple.

Tip 3: Hydrate your face off…(or on, actually, we want our face to stay on)

Let me break this down for you in easy language: the more hydrated you are, the more *plump* your skin will be.  There are multiple layers to our skin and there is a lattice like structure that sits below the surface layer (think of fishnet stockings).  We want to hydrate our skin from the inside out to literally push those wrinkles and fine lines back up.  It is like soaking a raisin in hot water…after enough time, the raisin will be twice its size as the hydration has soaked into the fruit, plumping it from the inside-out.  We have a tendency in the winter to skimp on our water, mainly because it is just so darn cold.  I don’t want to guzzle a 2L bottle of water thank you very much; but, I will have 5 cups of herbal tea plus a water bottle.  Cool.

*Note, I said HERBAL tea.  Caffeine will dehydrate you.  It also will mess with your sleep and hormones, so just keep that coffee to a few cups (or just 1!) in the morning, and rooibos/herbal tea later on.

Tip 4: Oil! Glisten up that skin baby!

Add in a facial oil.  I particularly like Squalane oil as it is lightweight and never leaves my skin greasy. This will add an extra layer of moisture, improve skin’s texture and tone, increase elasticity and cell turnover, and won’t clog your pores.  Squalane oil is derived from olives so it is an all-natural product.  I use the Indie Lee brand and love it.

Tip 5: Double-time that sleep time.

Sleep.  AHHHHH the beautiful thing that is sleep.  Nothing can make up for a lack of sleep, so prioritize it.  You are not a hero if you claim to be able to successfully run off of 5 hours of sleep.  Your brain (and body, and skin, and muscles…) needs 7-9 hours, not ands/ifs or butts about it.  So while you are sleeping, use that time wisely and put on an overnight face mask, or, a rich and super hydrating night cream.  My skin has been thriving with the Overnight Resurfacing Peel and the Countermatch Recovery Sleeping Cream .

There you have it- my 5 top tips for glowing winter skin! Don’t wait until the spring to have good skin….start now!



Skincare + Beauty

Safer Skincare: Disrupt the Industry

Make a Safer Choice

We work so hard to make the “right choice” every day.  We move our bodies, we work our hearts, we work our brains, we eat foods that nourish our cells and we spend time with people who add value to our life. Then, we slap products onto our bodies that contain potentially harmful and toxic ingredients.  Interestingly, not all “natural” products are safe and not all synthetic ingredients are toxic.  There is a long list of un-safe ingredients and they should be avoided at all costs.  We don’t realize it, but our skin (our largest organ) absorbs a lot of what we put on it. Roughly 60-70% of these harmful chemicals are small enough to be pulled into our bloodstream.  These nasties will then make their way to our endocrine system to set up camp and start a havoc party.


The skincare and makeup industry is a multi-billion dollar beast that has very little regulation.  Most women put on several different products on their bodies every day.  These products can have up to a hundred different harmful chemicals that are directly linked to immunotoxicity, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), hormonal imbalances and infertility.  Now, women are not the only ones affected by these harsh chemicals: men’s skincare products can be just as harmful, and have similar negative side-effects.  Harsh phthalates can have a devastating effect on sperm count and concentration.  Here is a terrific blog post on safer skincare and this is a fascinating study on couples undergoing IVF treatment and the effect of phthalates and DNA damage.

With such bold language, you can tell that I am very passionate about this topic.  It is my job, my purpose and passion in life, to help other achieve a lifestyle that makes them feel vibrant, healthy, balanced and alive! This goes from working our bodies at SoulCycle to helping you select the best products for your skincare and makeup routine and…


SURPRISE!! I have joined the Beautycounter team and am a safer Skincare Consultant! I love helping others with skincare and makeup, and would LOVE to work with you! Drop me a line, email, DM, text…you name it…and we will get you on a safer skincare journey! Your health is extremely valuable.  There is no price-tag that can be named in exchange for having a vibrant life, so join me in disrupting the Beauty industry and chose safer products! See below for a recent makeup look I did and the products I used!


Products Used

Eyes: Volumizing mascara, eyeshadow in Sienna and Copper, and liquid matte eyeliner 

Skin: Highlighter palette, Nectar blush

Lips: Bite beauty nude lip (circa 2016…almost out and can’t even read the bottom!)

Remember, beauty is much more than skin deep- but let’s take care of our skin!