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Everyone’s got an opinion and I am ready to share mine.  Botox and other facial injectables are quite popular right now, especially among young women ages 25-35.  That includes me peeps.  It seems like every other woman I meet has either had botox injected or is thinking of it.  I can’t lie, it has crossed my mind.  I am an animated talker and have smile lines as well as strong muscles in my forehead.  I do have a slightly lazy left eye and that causes a little imbalance in my face.  I am turning 30 in 6 months so my face is not as “youthful” as it once was.  Would I like to have a smooth and radiant face? YES, of course.  Am I going to get botox? No. No I am not. Cost aside, there are other factors to consider including muscle imbalances, toxicity and for the fact that I WAS NOT CREATED TO BE PERFECT.

Muscle Imbalance

Over time, botox can cause the muscles to atrophy (fancy word for wither). This means that those muscles will collapse inward and that will cause you to look older.  Doesn’t that defeat the purpose?


Botox is the brand name form of botulinum toxin that is used to temporarily paralyze muscles in the face (or where it is injected).  Botulinum is a neurotoxic spore.  There is not concrete evidence that botox has an adverse effect on individuals with autoimmune diseases. HOWEVER, just because something has not been proven does not mean there is no relationship between the two. At the end of the day, individuals with autoimmune (AI) diseases have a predisposition to attack their own bodies when placed in a “stressed” state. (I am really simplifying this down folks…big picture for easy comprehension). Environmental factors play a huge role with AI diseases.  This is why I make a huge effort to limit my environmental stressors in life – hence me staying clear of botox and other added environmental toxins.


Why has our society developed an unhealthy obsession with being perfect? Why do we want to hide our age from our faces or our bodies? Quite frankly, the older I get the more confident I become and the more I love my body.

My body is a representation of its strength and capabilities, not a reflection of what I do to it.


Safer Skincare Options

While I am dropping the addiction to perfection, I still want to age gracefully and try to prevent fine lines from setting in too early.  I would like to try and preserve my skin’s elasticity as long as possible.  I do want that “glow”.  Here are the products and tips I have to preserving youthful skin without the pokes and prods.

  1. HYDRATE: drink water.  Drink a lot of water.
  2. EAT GOOD FOOD: eat for the glow.  Fill your body with the micro and macro nutrients it needs and you will glow from the inside, out.
  3. SWEAT: sweat it out! Not only does this naturally eliminate toxins from your body, but the endorphins give you a “glow” that no product ever could! It is a joy that radiates from inside your body…your soul is shining for the whole world to see so SHINE BABY SHINE!
  4. RESURFACING PEEL: this is my liquid gold.  Overnight it gently sloughs-off the surface dead skin cells while smoothing skin’s tone and texture.
  5. CLEANSING BALM: you know I love this product. I did a WHOLE blog post about it.  Check it out!
  6. TONER PADS: I love the Counterman toner pads as they help to balance my skin after teaching multiple SoulCycle classes and will wipe off any excess dirt, oil or makeup.

You make your own decision about Botox.  It is your body.  Just know that you are perfectly imperfect and that your worth doesn’t come from how smooth your skin is.




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